Other Publish works

Sneha's other published works are mentioned below :

  • Short Story "The Stalker" published in India's online newspaper "Viewspaper"(August). Click here to read.
  • Her articles have published in India's Leading newspaper DNA.

Beware Blogging has its own positive and negative effects             16 Feb,2011

With growing popularity of blogs, the number of people writing blog has also increased. Blogs have become latest trend and necessity among new generation.
We certainly know the boons and profits of running a blog, but very often we realize its side effects. There are some ill effects of blogging which we realize sooner or later.
The list goes as bellow:

Cultivate habit of reading among today's youngsters    9March,2011

Books are man’s best friend” these wise words are long forgotten by the young generation. With the growing craze of social networking and online games, our young generation is neglecting book and their reading habits. They prefer to browse social networking sites rather than spending their spare time in reading books and novels. Now what can be done to grow their interest in books reading? The school and colleges should give special activities to the students – book reading. Read More>>

Not just cricket,we need to unite against corruption too         27 April,2011

Even though World Cup matches have come to an end, cricket fever is still on in India. We can see many cricket crazy fans updating social media’s with IPL schedules and it clearly shows that they are excited about upcoming IPL matches. But in all this we are forgetting the main issue – ‘Our Country and the dreadful disease called as Corruption’.
Anna Hazare has taken a step forward with a goal to eradicate corruption from India, but the question is how many are supporting him? Are we not overlooking this issue over cricket and upcoming IPL matches? These questions are important as now we have a choice to make between cricket and country’s fight against corruption. Read more>>

Networking sites have become a platform for social change       15 May,2011

Post world cup and India against Corruption movement, one thing explains that power now lies in hands of social media. Be it facebook or twitter updates, social media is now a cheapest and greatest way to connect to mass crowd. 
There was high buzz in such social networking sites when IAC movement was in action. People didn’t hesitate to update their status and spread awareness.  Read More>>

Why is youngsters supporting Anna Hazare's mission?                       18 August, 2011

Right from school students to the young employees, social activist Anna Hazare is getting support from every youth in India. This is the first time where Indian youth is showing such a massive support to Anna in his fight against corruption.

Humans are always judgmental        31 August, 2011

I went to university last week. I was busy studying in the garden nearby when two dogs approached me and started wagging their tails. I knew they wanted a treat from me. They started trying different tricks to amuse me - Dancing, shaking hands. I was amazed on how these animals do not need any introduction and how they can gel with us so easily. Or it is the other way around?
Don’t we gel easily with animals than we do with humans? Probably because we don’t have fear of rejection and someone judging us. Strange isn’t it? Read more >>

Shameless promotions of Brazen Stunts        6 Sept, 2011

Yesterday, I saw a video on news channel where two young boys boarded the harbor line local train from Cotton Green station. As soon as they boarded the train, they decided to stay on the door itself and perform some bold stunts. First, they started skating on the railway platform with their hands tightly gripped to the train’s doors while the train picked up the speed. Then they started jumping in and out and played a game by touching each pillar which swept past the train. All the stunts they did were dangerous which may have cost their life. Read More >>