(Published in DNA on 6 Sep,2011)

Yesterday, I saw a video on news channel where two young boys boarded the harbor line local train from Cotton Green station. As soon as they boarded the train, they decided to stay on the door itself and perform some bold stunts. First, they started skating on the railway platform with their hands tightly gripped to the train’s doors while the train picked up the speed. Then they started jumping in and out and played a game by touching each pillar which swept past the train. All the stunts they did were dangerous which may have cost their life. Almost all news channels flashed this video by showing their entire stunts to the public. Next thing I saw that this video was already uploaded on youtube by someone and people started sharing it on their facebook pages, admiring their stunts and probably enjoying it.

My question is – With what intension did news channels flashed this video and did the exact message reached the concerned public?
It was shocking to see such dangerous stunts performed by two young boys in the local trains. More shocking was that no one stopped them from doing so, not even the person shooting this footage. As a responsible citizen, the other passengers in the train should have warned the careless boys and if they can’t do that, they should have reported this to the police on the next station.

I don’t know who those two boys are and why they were performing life threatening stunts in the local trains where one mistake and it would have cost their life. However, I am not happy with the fact that this video is spreading all over social networking sites like a wild fire. People are appreciating their stunts and calling them as “dare devils”, which is not right. Videos like this could spread wrong message among other young kids and it might encourage other young boys to perform such stunts. It would have been great if those two boys would have been punished for their act then and there, but now they might also perform such life threatening stunts again and again. Probably, those boys are also enjoying the footage of their stunts on television and internet.

A strict action should be taken against such people who don’t follow rules related to the public transport. We should stop appreciating such stunts and never encourage such acts by sharing them on social networking sites. Those boys were lucky this time to get out of it unscratched, but there is no guarantee that they will be equally lucky next time.


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