Advance Review on Entrapped

With a mysterious opening the book unfolds itself very beautifully. Each chapter of the book is so picturesquely narrated that the spark of keenness remains dig in the mind. Totally new of it’s kind in Indian literary, a new flavor to enjoy for Indian readers and a must read for all young adults.
                                              - Nikhil Mahajan, author of National Bestseller "My love never faked"

"Entrapped" is a story taking you through Sneha's beautifully woven fantasy world. It lets you enjoy Myra's journey, with the readers feeling themselves as an integral part of the story itself. She marks the entry of a new genre of writing with this book in Indian fiction.

-Kunal Bhardwaj, author of Love was never Mine

Completely new for Indian readers and Indeed a page turner!! Well framed and engrosses the reader.Go for it!! Thumbs up for Entrapped!!

-Sudeep Nagarkar, author of Few things left unsaid

Its good to see a book that breaks out of the same-old molded predictable love-stories, and tries to attract younger 
people with a new flavour. A must read for all those who are looking for something different yet good.

-Navneet Mehra, author of Hackers Beware