Humans are always judgmental  (Published in DNA on 31 August, 2011)

I went to university last week. I was busy studying in the garden nearby when two dogs approached me and started wagging their tails. I knew they wanted a treat from me. They started trying different tricks to amuse me - Dancing, shaking hands. I was amazed on how these animals do not need any introduction and how they can gel with us so easily. Or it is the other way around?
Don’t we gel easily with animals than we do with humans? Probably because we don’t have fear of rejection and someone judging us. Strange isn’t it?

When we go to parties or some new place, we introduce ourselves to strangers. Sometimes we take time to gel with these strangers despite of introducing, smiling and all other formalities. And we still don’t have a clue on what could have gone wrong? May be other person thinks we are not so interesting person to make any further talks. May be they are judgmental about us. May be they have formed their own views about us. May be we don’t share common interest… There are many “May be” we can go on and on.

I m sure some people reading this post are not much into animals. But still they would agree that humans are more judgmental and sometimes we ourself play this role more often. On the other hand, most of the animals are ready to make friends but it is our fear which keeps us away from them. I don’t say being judgmental is bad, but too much of it can stop you from making new friends and exploring new interest. Just a random thought came to my mind, if we learn to break the barriers/walls (invisible but very strong) surrounding us and approach new people, we might learn new experiences. But on the other side the other person should also be open enough to accept new friends. Nevertheless, we play either of these roles. Just make sure we play it right. I am trying to break barriers around me.


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