Networking sites have become a platform for social change   (Published in DNA on 15 May,2011)

Post world cup and India against Corruption movement, one thing explains that power now lies in hands of social media. Be it facebook or twitter updates, social media is now a cheapest and greatest way to connect to mass crowd. 

There was high buzz in such social networking sites when IAC movement was in action. People didn’t hesitate to update their status and spread awareness. So, this proves that social media is not only a best way to spend time over internet but also a way to connect to your friends, families and even strangers.

Sometimes we just don’t need to switch on the news channels, all we can do is to login in to our social networking account and check updates of our friends who share the latest news. Be it an earthquake in Japan, a panipuriwala scandal or Osama’s assassination, the news spreads like fire on social networking sites. In short, we can think of social networking as a way to connect to world.

Personally, I find social networking fascinating. But many people shun it as a waste of time and feel unsafe to share their personal information over internet. But we can’t deny the fact that social networking gives creditability to brands, artist and companies. And now a days, many companies and brands takes full advantages of such medium to connect to mass crowd.

Although social networking provides a key to connect to people in different part of world, the fact remains that we are sitting in an isolated room. Our only way to connect is over internet. Obviously, social networking cannot account for personal meetings. Although it can help in maintaining a point of contact over internet, it can never replace the feeling of going out and meeting the people or reading the good old newspapers for latest news.

In today’s world, social networking is unavoidable. But let’s not forget the fact that it is just the part of day to day life but not life. Use social networking for connecting; don’t allow social networking to use you.


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