Cultivate habit of reading among today's youngsters   (Published in DNA on 9March,2011)

Books are man’s best friend” these wise words are long forgotten by the young generation. With the growing craze of social networking and online games, our young generation is neglecting book and their reading habits. They prefer to browse social networking sites rather than spending their spare time in reading books and novels. Now what can be done to grow their interest in books reading? The school and colleges should give special activities to the students – book reading. They can be asked to read any book of their choice and then a day should be decided where students will discuss about the books they have read recently. This will not only grow reading interest among the young generation but also help them to improve their vocabulary and language. What more? Teachers can provide few points/internal marks to the students if they write a book review of their favorite book.

There are many young adult novels available in market, which are specially targeting to the teenage group. These novels are not only interesting but also has beautiful story plot designed keeping teenage group in mind. But they are not getting proper recognition, as our young adult generation is busy surfing social networking sites and prefer to watch movies rather than reading the original books.

A small attempt by school and colleges can help to divert the young generation’s attention back to book reading. Summer vacations are the best time to explore the new books and novels available in market and I feel students should add book reading as a mandatory activity to their summer schedule. A summer book reading group can be formed, where students can discuss the story plot and characters from their favorite books. This way they can explore large range of books available.


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