Not just cricket,we need to unite against corruption too     (Published in DNA on 27 April,2011)

Even though World Cup matches have come to an end, cricket fever is still on in India. We can see many cricket crazy fans updating social media’s with IPL schedules and it clearly shows that they are excited about upcoming IPL matches. But in all this we are forgetting the main issue – ‘Our Country and the dreadful disease called as Corruption’.

Anna Hazare has taken a step forward with a goal to eradicate corruption from India, but the question is how many are supporting him? Are we not overlooking this issue over cricket and upcoming IPL matches? These questions are important as now we have a choice to make between cricket and country’s fight against corruption.

Definitely the ‘Corruption’ issue needs more attention as this is one of the greatest movements which is happening and can take a positive lead when it comes to the future of India. I feel there would be more matches which will be scheduled in near future to entertain us. But now we should concentrate on country and our future in this country. Many of the youngsters might be having IPL schedule learned by heart, but very few cares about India and issues related to India. We tend to overlook these issues and go on with our day’s work, desperately waiting for some magic to happen. In this way, we are hardly showing any support to our government in betterment of our country. Let’s not overlook this issue as another political strategy.

Does patriotism means cricket? Does patriotism means unfurling of our national flag when India won World Cup? The crowd went mad when India won World cup and it was then we knew India is united. But then where this unity goes when it comes to betterment of our country? Does patriotism ends with the World cup?
The younger generation should be given a better picture of our country. What is actually going on in your country, what are our benefits and where are we lacking. This are the points which should be discuss in schools and colleges. This way we all can come together and take a step forward for betterment of India and can support our government.

Last week, we have experienced on how Indians can come together when it comes to ‘World Cup’ and now our country needs our support once again. This may not be a World Cup but it is definitely a drive in making our country best in the world. We are not in any party, we are not political. All we know is that we are citizen of India and wants development of our country.


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