Why is youngsters supporting Anna Hazare's mission?     (Published in DNA on 18 August, 2011)

Right from school students to the young employees, social activist Anna Hazare is getting support from every youth in India. This is the first time where Indian youth is showing such a massive support to Anna in his fight against corruption.
Even before the start of indefinite fast i.e. from 16th August, there were several Facebook updates and tweets from youngsters all over India. Many youth didn’t hesitate to show their support and involvement in this biggest movement against corruption. Several users on social networking sites changed their profile pictures with India against Corruption posters. Regular Tweets and Facebook updates are brewing from angry youths. The youth skipped their schools, colleges and offices by coming on streets and showing their support to this movement.

Now, the question arises - What made youth to support a 74 year old social activist?
Well the answer is simple. These are the youngsters who know where our country is leading. They know how corruption is killing India and making it weak from inside and outside. They fear about their future, which can be ruined by corruption. These are the youngsters who know that even though they study hard and score 90% a mark, still their admission in good college is not guaranteed. The hope of getting good job is also a myth. Even a passport is not generated unless a person pays bribe.
Such a massive level corruption in India has created fear in mind of youngsters. And when there is a man who is fighting for the bright future of India, it is likely that he is getting massive support from youngsters.

The fight is not against government or any political party. It is only against “Corruption”, which will definitely give positive results to our country.


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